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Barry Stewart brings Passive Houses to Southland, redefining the way Kiwis live one home at a time.

What is Passive House?

Passive House (also spelt PassivHaus in its original European form) is an internationally recognised building standard that delivers a house that, compared to a conventional New Zealand home, consumes 75%-90% less energy
for heating and cooling.

Passive Houses have:

- consistent temperature throughout the home (average 20 C, winter or summer)
- continuous filtration of fresh air
- no mould or condensation anywhere
- allergy-free healthy environment

PassivHaus buildings may look “normal” from the outside - but on the inside, they not only perform far more efficiently, but they feel better, too: they are quiet, warm and fresh-smelling.

Passive Houses are slowly making their way onto our Southern landscape. It is perhaps because of our conservative nature that uptake of Passive House solutions has been slower than other parts of New Zealand. At the moment, we are seeing the drive for Passive Houses coming (predominantly) from people who are moving South from larger cities - or have come from overseas, particularly Europe. They are bringing their desire for warm, healthy buildings with them.

Barry Stewart Builders are Southland owned and operated.

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